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SENDUS VENDORS (a subsidiary of Generaux Servicia Transcontinental Ltd - RC: 1250459) is a concierge service outfit that has been established to provide errand and procurement service solutions for both corporate and individual clients in Ibadan. Our services come in a wide range of options which are broadly classified into two categories – simple errands and complex errands.

SENDUS VENDORS places top priority on client satisfaction, hence our emphasis on timeliness, efficiency and integrity. We help you develop and/or manage your to-do list to ensure that your business or day-to-day life enjoys increased productivity and enhanced organization. SENDUS VENDORS is your errand and procurement service provider for organization, success and satisfaction.



Our purpose: To be the yardstick for client satisfaction by providing unmatched errand services through innovative methodologies.

Our Vision: To be a household name when it comes to premium concierge service provision in Nigeria.

Our Mission: To establish and develop long term relationships with our clients and customers, and provide outstanding customer services through running our business by the quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness principle.

Our Core Values: We believe that our customers or clients should be satisfied. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business running. We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation.



SENDUS VENDORS consists of a team of hardworking and diligent experts who possess the required training and experience in diverse areas of our business to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and customers. We debate ideas, discuss services, and listen to each other and our clients to help ensure that we provide the best errand and procurement services to meet all our clients’ needs. Our outstanding coordination and innovative service provision follow from attributes such as:

  • Terrain Understanding
  • Market expertise
  • Equipment and Delivery capabilities
  • Manpower sourcing and management capabilities 



SENDUS VENDORS has developed a portfolio of concierge support systems to meet the errand and procurement needs of:

  • Individuals who require free time to do more important things.
  • Corporations that outsource the services of errand providers to carry out simple tasks that are not the corporations’ primary business tasks.
  • Individuals who require errand services due to disability, old age, sickness, pregnancy or maternal responsibilities.