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Given the heightened complexity of our everyday lives due to current challenges such as epileptic power supply, poor road infrastructure, increased traffic hold-ups, mounting work load at the office or business place, family and health burdens; it is natural for individuals, business owners, and corporations to suffer time inadequacies. Of course, man’s most precious resource is time: for it is limited, yet required for work, relaxation, play, socialization and spirituality. Therefore, you need to gain control over your time by delegating tasks or duties that may interfere with your primary responsibilities to an errand or concierge service provider.

We hereby introduce to you – SENDUS VENDORS.

  • Do you need a solution to your errand and organizational problems?
  • Do you need adequate time to focus and manage more important business or personal responsibilities?
  • Do you need professionals who can deliver goods and services right at your door step?
  • Do you need a realtor to bridge a personal or business gap?
  • Do you need the services of a handyman?
  • Do you need innovative, efficient, and timely logistic solutions?