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Where you dwell considerably affects your life. If you live in a beautiful environment, you are more likely to lead a beautiful life. The things you always behold tend to form the core of your consciousness and actions: therefore, it is important that you build an environment of beauty around yourself to ensure that you get filled with the spirit of alluring creativity.

Do you want your home to inspire you to attain greater heights?
Do you want your home to produce sights that cancel out your daily stress?
Do you want your home to be the best relaxation spot for you and your family?
Are you a lover of Aesthetics?
Are you looking to achieve these at an affordable cost?


We offer the best client tailored Interior and Exterior designs at affordable rates. Our Experts are always ready to listen to you and come up with designs that will fulfil your dreams and more.
We are not limited by space or the existing nature of the environment.

Our Services Include,

*Drawing and Presentations: in different formats e.g 2D and 3D
*Supply and Delivery of materials/Appliances/Furniture/Other finishings.
*Installation and commissioning.
*Maintenance of installations - especially devices, appliances, structures, machines and features of landscaping.

Our expertise and capacity cover Homes, Offices, Landscapes, Auditoriums, Halls, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, and more.

SENDUS VENDORS is your one-stop Interior and Exterior designer that guarantees satisfaction.
Contact us today for your own dream environment.

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