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Several Individuals and Corporations have engaged and enjoyed our services. We have provided unique personal and commercial solutions that have yielded very satisfactory outcomes. 

From rendering elegant Interior and Exterior designs in the real estate sector to offering effective marketing and distribution solutions in the business sector, we have brought value and satisfaction to our clients and customers.

SendUs Vendors has also succeeded in driving a revolution of energized and alkalized water production in Nigeria. Our Partnership with a US trained; but Nigerian born scientist, Dr S.A Dada, has offered packaged water producers and consumers the opportunity to obtain optimum quality water through our provision of Bio Nano-technology devices (which embed water and other substances with bio-scalar energy) for the market.

The following are some of our projects:



*A seminar on trading at the University of Ibadan by Black Well Global, planned and organized by SendUs Vendors on 25th July, 2015*

 (Department/s engaged: Consultancy, marketing, Event and entertainment, procurement departments)




*Installation of Bio Energy devices in a water production plant in Ibadan*

(Department/s engaged: Consultancy, research, marketing & distribution, technical departments)



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*Our renderings for Studios, restaurants and Offices in Ibadan*

(Department/s engaged: Consultancy, Procurement, Interior  and Exterior design departments)