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Service fee does not include cost of merchandise associated with completion of the service requested. N0 REFUNDS.

DELIVERY SERVICE RATES (Applies to all pick-up/drop off shopping & courier services)

·         Mileage fee per service: 50 per km  (Distances less than 1km are classified as 1km)

·         Weight fee per service: 20 per Kg  ( Generally, weights less than 1kg are classified as 1kg)

·         Hourly fee per service: 300 per hr (periods of service less than 1hr are classified as 1hr for first 60mins. Additional time billed at 75 per 15minutes)

Pick-up and drop-off rates are independent and mutually exclusive. This implies that the errand rate starts from the time SEND US VENDORS leaves the office until the requested task is completed.



·        Hourly fee per service: For multiple hour engagements (in a stretch), we charge 2,000 for the first hour and ₦800 for every subsequent hour (periods of service less than 1hr are classified as 1hr for every 60mins. Additional time billed after 10minutes into each subsequent hour - as a window of grace).

      For separate single hours, ₦2,000 is charged as a flat rate (periods of service less than 1hr are classified as 1hr).


Please call for price quotes.

Prepaid packages are available for home/office services according to the following options:

·         Our prepaid options are packaged using a bundle value plan. This plan offers our clients the advantage of having a subsidy account with us, which is valued in terms of the maximum number of  single hour bookings  the amount can cover.

      Our bundle options here come in three broad categories : Silver (10hrs), Gold (20hrs), Diamond (30hrs). 

      10 hours for 18,000 (10% discount)       - SILVER

      20 hours for 34,000 (15% discount)       - GOLD

            30 hours for 48,000 (20% discount)       - DIAMOND

      However, services offered to such clients in a stretch of time longer than one hour (within a single booking) are charged using the following charging plan:

      Generally, the first hour attracts a charge of ₦2,000; while other subsequent hours attract an additional charge of ₦800 per hour.

      To illustrate the above, we have

      For 2 hours in a stretch, the charge will be ₦2,000 + ₦800 = ₦2,800

      For 3 hours in a stretch, the charge will be ₦2,000 + ₦800 + ₦800 = ₦3,600

      For 4 hours in a stretch, the charge will be ₦2,000 + ₦800 + ₦800 + ₦800 = ₦4,400

         ...and so on till account balance runs out.

      Otherwise, single separate bookings are billed at ₦2,000 per hour less the bundle category's discount.

Terms and Conditions apply

Appointments are required: Errands must be ordered 24hours prior to service. We will make reasonable effort to accommodate urgent requests, if we are not already booked.

For certain services such as procurement and event planning, a deposit will be required prior to the rendering of the service.

Clients are welcome to open an account with SEND US VENDORS. All accounts will be invoiced and due within 30days of invoice date.