When do I need the services of SENDUS VENDORS?

You need the services of SENDUS VENDORS whenever a personal, business or corporate task you cannot handle (due to time, distance, health, technical resource, or expertise constraints) emerges.


How do the services of SENDUS VENDORS work?

You will contact SENDUS VENDORS with a request for a service to be provided. SENDUS VENDORS will provide the service in line with an agreed charging plan. You will then be billed for the service provided.


How rich must I be to afford the services of SENDUS VENDORS?

You do not have to be rich to afford our services. At SENDUS VENDORS, we emphasize affordability as a key element of our business. In fact, our charge for a service can be as low as ₦300.


Who exactly does SENDUS VENDORS cater to?

SENDUS VENDORS provides services that meet the concierge and procurement needs of families, single parents, couples, the old folks (seniors), nursing mothers, pregnant women, business people, corporations, groups, associations, students, schools, hostels, hospitals, restaurants, neighborhoods, physically challenged people, people with health challenges, corporate workers, celebrities, churches, clergy men and women, executives, NGO’s and more.


Are there any limits to the services which SENDUS VENDORS can provide?

NO. SENDUS VENDORS has a network of departments which render various services (within legal, moral and ethical bounds), ranging from standard offering errand services to client tailored consultancy and procurement services. Please see our SERVICES section to view some of our offerings.
If your need is not itemized on that list, please call us to discuss your concerns and we shall be ready to provide a satisfactory solution.


Where does SENDUS VENDORS operate?

SENDUS VENDORS is based and primarily operational in Ibadan, Oyo state. Our services cover all areas within the Ibadan metropolis. However, we have the unique capacity to accommodate and undertake tasks tailored to extend beyond Ibadan.
Call us now to discuss your need, and we shall exceed your expectations.